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Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Morning excitement

Today was another hectic working day in the saga of my boring life.

We had a bit of excitement in the morning when Iris, the cute girl from marketing who always greets everyone, won first prize in a raffle that was distributed last Halloween. She won a brand new Westinghouse refrigerator, Lancome gift pack (i wonder what would have happened had a guy won?) and P5,000 cash. Ever the pretty and well loved girl, Iris offered to buy us all lunch! =) But (ehem ehem) my department was the first to decline courtesy of Ma'am Beth saying that she could use the money than spend it all on us, and the other depts followed suit. Still, Iris had 5 boxes of yummy pizza and pasta bought in (if not lunch, then merienda daw). Bait talaga niya, she deserved to win =)

Before lunch  we had a different kind of excitement when this really cute guy walked in out of the blue applying for senior editor (but he looks young!) and to our surprise, Ma'am Kath immediately escorted him to the interviewing room since she has already read his resume. The brave Bem and i sneaked a look at it and his name is Alphon Avin Ugay, an Atenean. And that wasn't all, all i can say is I was really impressed by his resume and it was evident the moment he walked in. I really wish he will work for us (I can see hear Sam tsk tsk right now hehe).

But now its back to work. After the mornings excitement, the daily routine settles down again until its time to get off work. Who knows, we might get to see Mr. Ugay again soon and I might win the raffle next time! =)


After such a relaxing vacation, the reality of work is starting to set in again.

They say that the period before December is usually the busiest time of the year when workload starts to pile up and deadlines get shorter because of the approaching holiday. Thank goodness i havent felt that way yet, but I bet a certain someone in our group already cant sleep at night (cue morose tune).

SOme people can handle stress and deadlines easily, im glad to say im one of them (though i prefer not to, if possible of course). Then again there are worrywarts (thats just an expression btw) who already see approaching deadlines even if they are months away. Oh well, its not really OC, maybe they just like being organized. Theyre the ones who probably snatch up all the post-it notes in the bookstore =)

 A little something i thought of:

DO you know why they call it deadlines?

Because when that time comes and passes, you're bank line will go dead.




FInally... only two days to go before Halloween. Time for a much needed break! =)

And of course, since this is my first job (and i can now afford stuff), this calls for a memorable celebration!

Where will YOU spend your Halloween? Hehe!

Gotta get back to work so the powers-that-be know that my salary is well deserved! =)


Before the Glorietta explosion, Sam was going to take me to a party by his alma mater. Lasalle's JEMA (a marketing association) was supposed to hold a party called "Rodeo Extreme" in W Grill, right there in Glorietta 2. Needless to say, we decided not to go.

Bem too was supposed celebrate her new job with her sis at Dad's, but they decided to cancel it instead.

WHy do people do terrible things like this?

Right now, the news says 8 people were killed.Yesterday it was revealed that security cams captured the actual explosion, although i decided not to watch it if ever they do air it on TV.

I just hope the cams captured the face of that cruel bomber.

I still dont understand what makes people do inhuman things, and i guess i never will. 

Bomb explodes at Glorietta 2!

I cant believe it! Even Glorietta, long our office's haven from stress, is not safe from terrorists anymore.

A bomb exploded at Glorietta 2 just an hour and a half ago. When my officemates first rushed in from the lobby, we couldnt believe it. Thankfully, not of us were there since the Internals committee decided to hold an overtime meeting (and we all thought OT meets were bad!) then the news just broke and suddenly we could hear people converging on the lobby's TV to catch the latest events.

Even now im in a shock. Im desperately hoping its not an intentional bomb, although if its not, then it would mean someone was negligent or at fault for the accident.

But as of now people keep saying the blast was too big to be an accident... it definitely had to be the work of someone whos aim was to terrorize.

I just cant believe it.

But we cant give in to this fear.

We'll only be giving satisfaction to the one who caused it.

Fine dining before a tragedy

 Yesterday we dined at a posh restaurant in El Pueblo called Chateau 1771. Sam's friend Kris and i had fun trying to pronounce exotic French words ala poor proletariat, much to the amusement of the waiter. 

That was the fun part though.

Last night, after I went home, I learned a batchmate of mine committed suicide due to extreme pressure to pass the CPA board exam. Of course its hush hush... i just hope the media doesnt turn it into a circus when it leaks out. I did not know him personally, but knowing he and i went to the same grounds (maybe even the same building) for four years kind of makes me feel a connection to him, and any death at such a young age is always a tragedy.

My new co-trainee Bem and I ended up talking about pressure and what makes the root cause of it. See, Ive never really felt any pressure in my life. My parents let me be who i want to be, my choice of school, etc etc so i cant relate. But Bem told me its the fear of letting people down that causes people to crack and not take the burden anymore. I really liked her analogy of an egg being boiled too long will eventually crack. Kinds of makes one think doesnt it?


Yesterday, Oktoberfest started for me.

It began with Meg (from the H.R. dept) inviting everyone to a wind-down evening at The Corral. Needless to say, everyone in our group accepted so of course i went along.

I have to confess i dont drink beer, i simply find the taste too strong and acid-like. Ate Meg and another girl from HR have me something called Kool Aid which tasted sweet and strong at the same time. I think it was strawberry or raspberry mixed with Amaretto, but whatever it was it tasted good. Too good in fact, because after three or four rounds, i swear the room started swaying like there was an earthquake or we were in a giant shaking box. Chel steadied me and accompanied me to the ladies room where I noticed my cheeks were flushed (good thing the lights were very dim in the bar). I decided to sober up with some munchkins and touched the deceivingly named Kool Aid again just before we went home.

After that i was fast asleep and woke up at 11 groggy but with a clear head, and a morning smile on my face.

It might not have been beer but for me, it was way better. Oktoberfest is here! Cheers! =)


 Nope, im not talking about me =P

Sam brought me to this place in BF Homes called "Flaming Wings", promising me it will blow my socks off (even though i dont wear any anymore). He was right though, while we were waiting for our order, i couldnt help but salivate when i saw the buffalo wings being served in the table next to us.

I chose wasabi mayo as my my dip and boy, did i underestimate the "flaming" part of the chicken. Pretty soon i was drinking copius amounts of Diet Coke to fan my tongues. Sam was kind enough to look away while my eyes watered and helped to get me some cold water. Hehe thanks Sam!

You absolutely have to try it sometime!


Finally, MELISSA has arrived!

After all that craze about Havaianas (which led to several knockoffs and even Chinese imitations in 168), sexy stillettos and flats from Brazil's well known shoe designer arrived in style in Makati. Sam accompanied and i was instantly struggling to get my paycheck out and grab the first dozen. How i wish though.

Just look at all those shooooooooes! They're quite expensive (2400+) but very much worth it!